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the $OTTR Coin

Bitcoin is nice but $OTTR makes the meme coins more transparent

Welcome to the world of Otterly Coin ($OTTR) - where humor meets the blockchain! Just to set the record straight, Ollie The Otter and $OTTR are unique stars in the crypto sky, with no ties to other otterly characters out there. We're here purely for the giggles, not the gloats!

Ollie's mission? To swim upstream in the Ethereum blockchain and playfully nip at the fins of big fishes like Inu, DogeCoin, PEPE, and Bonk. Think of $OTTR as the new, fun-loving otter on the block, eager to make a splash in the meme coin pool. Ready to dive in? 🦦💧🌍🪙

Introducing otterly coin

A meme coin that makes crypto more fun





Total supply

100 billion


NFT packagEs

15 billion


Public trading

55 Billion



Of the Otter Club Launchpad









The roadmap

Introducing the “Otterly Coin” ($OTTR) Roadmap – a journey sprinkled with humor and excitement!

  1. Otter Club NFTs: We start with the fundamental. Which will be a unique and limited NFT collection that will path the way for the entire otterly journey.

  2. Otterlycoin Launch: The grand debut of $OTTR! It’s like a party, but with more blockchain and fewer balloons.

  3. Listing at DEX: Time to dive in! $OTTR hits the decentralized exchanges. It’s like a fish in water, except it’s an otter… with coins.

  4. The Hidden Wallet: The grand finale! An interactive, community-wide hunt for the “Hidden Wallet”. Think of it as a treasure hunt, but instead of a map, you get blockchain clues. “X” marks the spot, but in our case, it’s probably a digital signature!

  5. The OTTER LAUNCHPAD: Get access with your Otter Club NFT and get introduced to audited early crypto projects that will give you an otterly amazing and secure investment opportunities without the influence of evil crypto squids. 

Get ready for an otterly exciting journey with $OTTR! 🌊🦦💰

Who wins?

otterly challenge

Get ready for the splash of the century with the “Lost Whale Wallet” challenge, launching once the Otterly Coin ($OTTR) market cap hits a whale-sized $100 million! The starting pistol? The final chapter of Ollie’s diary, where secrets aren’t just spilled, they’re cannonballed into the crypto pool!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decrypt the key phrase to the legendary Whale Wallet. Inside? A tidal wave of 5 Billion $OTTR Coins! Imagine Scrooge McDuck’s money bin, but with digital coins – and no diving, please. It’s all about cracking codes, not skulls!

Remember, in the world of crypto, even whales keep their secrets in wallets, not water. So, put on your detective hats and get ready for a deep dive into Ollie’s world. After all, finding a whale’s wallet is harder than convincing a Bitcoin to take a dip in the sea! 🦦🔍💰🐳

Lets's ride the first otTR Wave

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