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A roadmap that makes dreams come trure...

A real "Otonga" Roadmap

Hey, Otter Friends and Crypto Adventurers!

It’s your pal Ollie here, and boy, do I have an otterly amazing journey to share with you! Our adventure into the crypto sea is just beginning, and I’m thrilled to guide you through the highlights of our roadmap. 🗺️🦦

First up, we’re diving tail-first into the world of NFTs with the launch of “The Otter Club” collection. Imagine this: 10,000 uniquely crafted, rarely limited NFTs, each one your ticket to a journey unlike any other in the crypto universe. But that’s not all; these aren’t just NFTs. They’re your key to a whole new way of launching a meme coin, a beacon in the murky waters of the crypto ocean, where scammy squids lurk in the shadows.

We’ve all seen the splash those evil crypto squids can make, creating whirlpools of scams that can drag even the mightiest projects down to the seabed. That’s why we’re doing things differently. Each NFT from “The Otter Club” doubles as a unique membership, giving you access to a Token Package that will be airdropped right into your flippers on the official token launch day. 🚀🦦

But hold onto your shells, because there’s more! Every member of “The Otter Club” also gets the chance to join our “hidden whale wallet” giveaway contest. One lucky otter will find themselves swimming in a sea of wealth, with 5 billion $OTTR tokens in their possession. Imagine the ripple effect that could have on your crypto journey!

Now, why are we setting sail on this adventure? It’s not just for the treasure. Our mission is to make a real splash in the crypto world. We’re here to navigate through the tales and tides of cryptocurrency, using storytelling as our compass to educate and enlighten. By creating a secure space for our community, we aim to discover and share real, scam-proof crypto projects, safeguarding our fellow otters from those pesky crypto squids.

So, are you ready to be part of something truly special? To not just ride the waves but to make them? Join us as we embark on this otterly amazing journey, creating a difference in the crypto world, one story at a time.

With excitement and a heart full of adventure, Ollie 🦦💙🌊

Phase #1

Introducing Ollie

  • Create Ollie’s Website
  • Create Ollie’s X Account
  • Create Ollie’s Telegram Channel

$OTTR Creation

  • Create Token on ETH Blockchain
  • Partnership with Thirdweb
  • Verify Smart Contract


  • Creating the Artwork (10k items)
  • Deploy Smart contract
  • Collaborations & Marketing

Phase #2

Ollie's Diary

  • Publishing Chapter 1 – 6
  • Community Goal 6k on X
  • First Diary Givaways

NFT Minting

  • Official Minting of the NFT
  • $OTTR Airdrop to NFT Holders
  • Liquidity Pool Setup on DEX


  • Public Launch of $OTTR
  • All holders from private sale are qualified to claim free tokens

Phase #3

Ollie's Diary

  • Publishing Chapter 7 – 13
  • Community Growth to 20k
  • More Diary Giveaways

Dex Listing

  • Listing $OTTR on DEX
  • Locked Liquidity Pool based on the NFT Minting Profits

Market Making

  • Collaborations and Marketing Actions to grow the trading volume of $OTTR

Phase #4

Ollie's Diary

  • Publishing Chapter 14 – 23
  • Community Growth to 40k
  • Final Diary Givaways

Diary Quiz

  • Unlock the Diary Quiz with the Otter Club NFT and solve it to unlock the hidden whale wallet.

The Hidden Wallet

  • Announcement of the hidden Whale wallet giveaway. 
  • 5 Billion $OTTR Giveaway

Phase #5

The OTTER Elite

  • Launch of Ollie’s Elite Launchpad
  • First Community Crypto Project
  • Road to $1 Billion MC of $OTTR
  • Project Collaboration
  • Building a Crypto Culture 
  • More to be announced….

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