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A challenge only a real otter can master

Are you otter enough to join?

Prepare to dive into the most otter-ly exciting contest in the crypto sea – the “Hidden Whale Wallet” Contest! It’s not just a game; it’s a quest for the bravest, wittiest, and most crypto-savvy adventurers out there. The starting shot? The epic finale of Ollie’s diary, revealed when our Otterly Coin ($OTTR) market cap balloons to a whopping $100 million!

Here’s the deal: nestled deep in the digital ocean is the Whale Wallet, bulging with a treasure trove of 50 million Otterly Coins. That’s enough to make even the richest crypto krakens jealous! But to unlock this chest of digital doubloons, you’ll need to decrypt a key phrase. Think of it as a crypto version of “Open Sesame,” but way cooler and with otters.

“But how do I join?” I hear you ask. Simple! Keep some Otterly Coins snug in your digital pocket and get ready to mint your very own official Otter NFT. “Where do I find this NFT?” In chapter 22 of Ollie’s diary, of course! This chapter isn’t just a page-turner; it’s your treasure map, detailing how to find and unlock the Whale Wallet.

Remember, this contest is like a party where the invite is a coin, and the party favor is potentially millions more. It’s exclusive, exhilarating, and entirely otter-centric. “Why did the otter bring a dollar to the party?” you ask. Because he heard it was a coin dance!

So, gear up for a journey filled with clues, giggles, and a dash of blockchain brilliance. The Hidden Whale Wallet Contest isn’t just another crypto chase; it’s an opportunity to be part of something monumental. A chance to write your name in the ledger of crypto legends, alongside Ollie, the most daring otter in the digital sea.

Are you ready to dive in? The water’s fine, the coins are plenty, and the adventure is just beginning! 🦦🌊💻💰

Key Facts


There are 23 chapters of ollie’s diary that you can help to unlock by inviting your crypto friends on X to join the Otterly Community. Every chapter can be useful to solve the challenge. So read carefully.

You can speed it up by helping Ollie to grow the community in X and telegram by sharing his jokes and by inviting new members. 

What to win

After the initial $OTTR Coin creation a total of 50 Million Ottlerly coins will be transfered to a new wallet. The goal of the contest is to decrypt the key phrase to access the wallet. Which will be onwned by the first who solves it.  The contest will start as soon as the total market cap reaches at least $100 million and / or if all the chapters of Ollie’s diary are unlocked. 

How to join

To join the contest you should hold some $OTTR coins. In chapter 22 Ollie will publish a NFT that you need to buy to unlock the contest quiz. The profit from the NFT sale will be added as Liquidity. If you are able to solve the quiz baed on ollie’s story you can unlock the wallet and own all the coins, which will be worth around $5 Million at that time.  

Stay updated on Ollie's Discord to stay updated about the contest