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An otter wiht a huge mission on the blockchain!

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Say Hi to ollie

Hello and welcome to OTTERLY, my fellow crypto adventurers and curious otters!

I’m Ollie, your guide and companion through the vast and vibrant crypto ocean. Having surfed these digital waves for years, I’ve grown to love the endless possibilities that blockchain brings to our world. Yet, amidst the innovation and excitement, a shadow looms over our beloved ocean – the threat of the evil crypto squids, whose scams threaten to contaminate our blue crypto waters.

But fear not! It’s precisely because of these challenges that I’ve embarked on a mission, one that goes beyond the typical meme coin splash. Welcome to OTTERLY – not just another token, but a beacon of change in the crypto space. Our mission? To create a difference by establishing a safe harbor for all of us crypto otters; a place where innovation meets wise investing, all anchored in the values of trust and transparency.

At the heart of our journey is “The Otter Club,” an exclusive NFT member club designed to lay the foundation for our token and cultivate a crypto culture unlike any other. This isn’t just about launching another token; it’s about building a community where new crypto innovations are connected with smart investors in an environment free from the murky tactics of those pesky crypto squids.

So, whether you’re a seasoned crypto surfer or just dipping your paws in the water, OTTERLY is here to guide you through a different kind of crypto journey. One where trust, innovation, and community swim together towards a future that’s as bright and promising as the blockchain itself.

Dive in and join us on this exciting adventure. Together, we can make waves that truly change the crypto world.

Swimmingly yours, Ollie 🦦💙🌊

Join the Otter club

You ask what my vision is? To create a safe, secure space in our crypto sea, where brilliant projects and savvy investors meet. That’s why I’m excited to introduce the “Otter Standard” – our very own audit process. This isn’t just any review; it’s our promise to ensure each project is as clean and clear as our waters, free from the murky tactics of those sneaky crypto squids. Together, we’ll build a community where trust and innovation flow freely. Dive in with me, and let’s make these waters safe for all!

Swim safe, Ollie 🦦💙


A wild roadmap

a little otter with a big dream

Dive into the OTTERLY project, where our journey begins with a splash! A unique NFT drop of 10k Otters sets the stage for an otterly amazing future. Each NFT isn’t just a piece of digital art; it’s a key to the “Otter Club” – unlocking a sea of opportunities for its holder. Beyond the membership, these NFTs hold a treasure: a $OTTR token package of 1.5 million tokens, ready to be airdropped on our token launch day. But that’s not all! Within Ollie’s Diary lie hidden giveaways and contests, treasures that our growing Otter crew can unlock. Ready to make waves with us? Let’s build the future, together! 🦦💫


read the diary and unlock the lost whale wallet

find ollie's hiiden key and get wealthy

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with the “hidden whale wallet” contest, revealed in the final chapter of Ollie’s Diary! This isn’t just any contest; it’s a treasure hunt where one clever otter, who has keenly followed every twist and turn of the diary, will have the chance to unravel the grand mystery. Crack the code, unlock the whale wallet, and discover true wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Are you the sharp otter we’re looking for? Dive deep into the diary, solve the puzzle first, and become the wealthiest otter in the crypto sea!

Happy hunting, Ollie 🦦💰🔍

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The otter journey starts with the launch of the limited “Otter Club” collection that contains 10k NFTs. Each NFT represents a $OTTR token package of 1.5 million $OTTR and will be airdropped to the holders wallet at the token launch day. 

Huge giveaways

Help ollie to grow the Otter crew an unlock new chapters of ollie’s diary, which are unique stories that educate about the crypto world. Each chapter comes with a $OTTR giveaway and the final chapter enables true crypto wealth for one smart otter.

OTTER Launchpad

Ollie’s vision is to create a new safe space in the crypto world that connects smart crypto projects with smart investors. Therefore Ollie will develop a new audit standard and crypto culture that will bring back trust and transparency to the crypto world.

join ollie on a jouney that makes an otter dream become reality