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welcome the the early otter club

You are very early

Get on the early otter whitelist and have the chance to mint an original Otter Club NFT way before the public mint and get twice as many $OTTR coins after the public mint. 

Ealry $OTTR Club

Ollie The Otter

Mint an otterclub NFT for

For 0.016 ETH

Early Otter Mint: July 1st, 2024
Normal WL Mint: July 20, 2024
Public Mint: July 27, 2025

You will get an original Otter Club NFT with the same benefits as everyone else, but as an early otter your will get 3 Million $OTTR coins instead of the normal 1.5 Million tranferred to your wallet after the public mint. 

Your ottlery VIP experience

plan your mint

You are allowed to mint up to 10 NFTs with your wallet. The amount of $OTTR tokens that you get are calculated based on the amount of NFTs that you own. Each NFT gives you the same privileges to join the giveaways and the Launchpad. You can sell your NFTs on the open market but make sure that you own at least one NFT to not lose your exclusive privileges. 


0.016 ETH

You will mint 1 Otter Club NFT to your Wallet and will get 3 Million $OTTR transferred to your wallet at the token launch day. 

3 NFTs

0.048 ETH

You will mint 3 Otter Club NFT to your Wallet and will get 9 Million $OTTR transferred to your wallet at the token launch day. 

10 NFTs

0.16 ETH

You will mint 10 Otter Club NFT to your Wallet and will get 30 Million $OTTR transferred to your wallet at the token launch day. 

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Be an early otter!

Join the OTTERLY community at an early stage and get twice the amount of $OTTR coins transferred to your wallet.

Grow and Win more $OTTR

Join the Roadmap challenges and win more $OTTR by helping Ollie to grow the otter commuity.

Become otterly wealthy

Hold $OTTR and buy a limited OTTERLY NFT that helps you to unlock the hidden whale wallet with 5 Billion $OTTR in it.

Pe perpared

how to mint a Otter club nft?

If you are new to crypto you can follow the steps below that will help you to be prepared for the NFT mint.

Crypto Wallet

To be able to mint a Otter Club NFT and to receive $OTTR tokens we recommend using the MetaMask Wallet


Make sure to have at least 0.016 ETH (plus gas fees) in your wallet to be able to mint a Otter Club NFT


At the mint day open the OpenSea minting link, connect your wallet and get your NFT. 

Get your $OTTR

At the day of the $OTTR token launch you will receive an amount of $OTTR tokens based on how many NFTs are in your wallet. 


We estimate the minting date between beginning and mid of may. Join our discord to get notified about updates on the minting date. 

There are no bonding curves at the Otter Club. Every NFT will cost 0.02 ETH + gas fees on public mint and 0.016 ETH for everyone who is on the whitelist.

You can join the whitelist to have a guarantee to mint an NFT to mint the NFT you need to open the OpenSea link that we provide, connect your wallet to the OpenSea platform and then mint your NFTs. 

80% of the profits will be used to fund the development of the ZONDORRA platform. 5% will given to support charity projects of the BIG FIVE Foundation. And 15% will be given to the BIG FIVE GROUP. 

If you are using a mobile phone to mint an Otter Club NFTS, you need to use the Metamask application built-in browser to mint our NFTs. Therefore, please launch the Metamask application, click the 3 lines on the top left menu in the application and select “Browser”. It will open a web browser and you will be able to navigate back to to do the minting.

ERC-721 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. Files are hosted on IPFS.

If you join our Discord you can create a support ticket in the support channel. A NFT expert from our team will answer your question and provide you the material you need to get prepared. 

Yes, 50 tokens will be held from the sale for the team, marketing and givaways.

There are many ways to prevent yourself from getting scammed, like: 1. Don’t click on any random links. 2. Don’t download any files dm’d to you. 3. Don’t share your secret recovery phrase with anyone (you only have to type it once on a new device, and never again unless YOU sign out). 4. Keep an eye on #report-scams for any new scams! Take your account security seriously, as there is no way for us to retrieve stolen items.

Stay updated on Ollie's discord